I help teachers and students to utilize the digitization & technology in our daily activities

The primary school years are an important phase of child’s education. Learn how we can help our child to discover their talents and interests through their educational journey. Schools across the globe have already closed in the wake of the corona virus  pandemic. As a result, teachers are suddenly faced with the challenge of how to continue their students’ education. While this might seem a daunting task, there are several ways we can utilise the technology and resources already available to support online learning  and ensure students still receive a quality education. 

One of the biggest concerns for teachers is how they will continue to engage students and keep an eye on their progress from a far. So here I Vijay Gundu, SGT come up with the initiative by posting recorded videos, and interactive worksheets for different classes, that offer interactive activities for students of all ages, to keep their brains active while also testing their ability.

  I have enjoyed exploring my skills towards digitization in creating and sharing this with colleague teachers groups. In this programme Sri Mahesh Macharla SGT is also doing great job. We both Convert and post the worksheets in to various teachers groups. So I specially thanks for his great efforts.



Phonetics ( Vowel sounds ) Pdf by Sarla.Rajesham SGT, MPUPS Botla Vanaparthy , Peddapally.

Phonetics(Consonant sounds)Pdf by Sarla.Rajesham SGT,MPUPS  Botla Vanaparthy ,Peddapally.